when in doubt, gamelan tape


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debut double cassette out now on weird forest!!!

my first solo record is now available as a sweet-looking limited edition double cassette on the weird forest label:

double cd to follow in a couple months, also on weird forest.
then vinyl if you all buy up the first two runs.
then eight track for the purists & hold outs.
……& lastly player hammered dulcimer for the amish.
we’ve put a lot of thought in to this is what i’m saying.


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promising potential collabo in the works

i don’t want to jinx this one before it’s done, but i am really excited to be able to give you guys a little taste of a long distance filesharing kind of collaboration i’ve been working on these past months with a guy who clearly makes up in passion what he lacks in clothing for his upper body.

feel the rhythm with your hands!

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greetings, webling

welcome to the site for all things preterite! my name is jim & i’ll be your content provider for the duration.

watch this space for news on releases, upcoming shows & collaborations, as well as for exclusive live documentation, graphic art experiments, raw sessions, proto album tracks, updates on work in progress, bonus material, biting political & social commentary delivered by stick figures, &, last but not least, nods to inspirational stuff that’s got me going at any given instant.

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