special collaboration: the dorf & caspar brötzmann

a band i am in, the dorf, a 28-odd-piece collective from the rustbelts of germany, played three collaborative shows with caspar brötzmann last year.

brötzmann doesn’t do this sort of thing very often at all, & it turned out to be very special.
bandleader/composer jan klare will be releasing a record made up of live recordings from our three shows together this may. i will update you here on where to find it when the time comes!

in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview:


man, how great is it when caspar cuts off the feedback at 9:35? i remember having a hard time holding it together on stage, thinking “holy fuck, this is really happening”. a big thank you to jan klare, for the whole thing, and to kai niggemann for capturing it on video. & thank you for checking in & taking a look.

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