debut double cassette out now on weird forest!!!

my first solo record is now available as a sweet-looking limited edition double cassette on the weird forest label:

double cd to follow in a couple months, also on weird forest.
then vinyl if you all buy up the first two runs.
then eight track for the purists & hold outs.
……& lastly player hammered dulcimer for the amish.
we’ve put a lot of thought in to this is what i’m saying.

it’s already sold out on the weird forest site.

you can still order it here from mimaroglu music sales in the states & here from boomkat in the uk.

update: i believe the cassette is sold out at weird forest & boomkat, so if you would like to order one in europe, hit me up using the contact form here to order directly from my stash, or support a fine record store by ordering one from the good folks at a-musik in cologne.

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