i’d rather be in poland: exclusive tour tracks

more exclusive shit!
more exclusive polish shit!
bardziej ekskluzywne polskie gówno!

these two tracks were made to accompany the book, mentioned in the previous post, documenting my 2011 tour of poland with hartware medienkunstverein. the first track is a sort of medley of live recordings from the concerts & some field recordings of dear friends & total strangers. the main speaker is michal libera. the second track is a kind of free techno jam that i recorded in the museum in the train station in turnow, warming up before my show. i edited it to incorporate field recordings from the van & my walks.

dedicated with much love to inke arns, thibaut de ruyter, daniel muzyczuk & michal libera & to all our wonderful hosts & guides in poland: you were beautiful.

i’d rather be in poland by the preterite

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