on tour in poland with hmkv

in poland for two weeks on tour with the good folks of hartware medienkunstverein. got here saturday, been quite a whirl so far. i have yet to see a man screw in a lightbulb by himself, jesus christ. but when i do i will make sure to get a picture. i keeed! what a fucking interesting place full of very generous people who have done everything in their power to make us smarter. first show tomorrow on my damn birthday, in gdansk (aka danzig!). i have been forewarned that the acoustics are shitty & there’s a bar in the room. should feel right at home 😉 i will give them my best eksperymentalnego muzyka from this belts of rust from germany, yes? anyways, i will try to post some impressions here over the next weeks if i get a minute.

you can also follow us over at hartware’s blog:


or on my facebook


now to ruminate on what exactly i want to do with my little magnetic friends tomorrow & quietly watch my old analog biological clock’s rightmost digit flip.

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